A winning team in high end events! / Dirk Lubbers & Hans Erik Tuijt

We proudly present DLCheers Events B.V.

A winning team in organizing your top event!

A former Managing Director of the Heineken Global Events Services, Dirk knows how to organize high-end events. He will take everything off your hands and turn your event into a big success! With years of experience he’s the key to fulfill your dream! Together with a great team of experienced project managers, technicians, bartenders and hostesses every event we will turn into the best event you’ve ever experienced.

The next chapter

In 2020 Dirk founded his business consultancy; DLCheers B.V. He advises several attractions (Amaze ID&T, Pilsner Urquell Experience Prague, World Food Experience) DLCheers designs, advises, builds teams, trains general managers and provides interim management based on skills, knowledge, experience and passion! In 2022 together with Hans Erik Tuijt he started DLCheers Events B.V. An organization fully focused on high-end events. Together they are a winning team in organizing your top event!