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A concept fully focused on high end events!

We proudly present DLCheers Events B.V.

Dirk Lubbers & Hans Erik Tuijt
A winning team in high end events!

Sickle Cell Auction dinner

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Floriade World Food Pavilion

Almere - The Netherlands

RTL Lounge Live – Lazy Sundays

Amsterdam - The Netherlands
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A winning team in organizing your high-end top event

A former Managing Director of the Heineken Global Events Services, Dirk knows how to organize high-end events. With years of experience he’s the key turn your event into a big success! Together with a great team of experienced project managers, technicians, bartenders and hostesses, Dirk will turn every event into the best event you’ve ever experienced.

In 2010 he was named Managing Director of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. Under his supervision, the Heineken Experience almost tripled the number of visitors in six years to over a million in 2017. During his period he set up a Global Events Department who fully serviced international sponsor events like the Rugby World Cup, F1 VIP all over the world, Champions League Final, Holland Heineken House, Rock in Rio, RTL Lounge Events Koelschip, etc. From 2020 on, Dirk started DLCheers and advises several attractions like Amaze ID&T, Pilsner Urquell Experience Prague and World Food Experience.

The next chapter
In 2022 he started DLCheers Events B.V. together with Hans Erik Tuijt, a former Activation Director and Director Global Sponsorships at Heineken; responsible for all the sponsorships Heineken made in de last 20 years. In this formation DLCheers Events can rely on many years of experience within hospitality and (VIP) events. DLCheers Events is an organization fully focused on high-end events. Together they are a winning team in organizing your top event!

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